Swedish massage is the perfect way to unwind and revitalise the body. It is focused on relaxing tense muscles and improving circulation.Swedish massage is the perfect way to unwind and revitalise the body. It is focused on relaxing tense muscles, improving circulation and stimulating the lymph system.

It is the most widely used technique in the western world, based on manipulation of muscles and connective tissue to enhance performance,improve posture, aid in the healing process and promote relaxation.

In all swedish massage the skin is lubricated with oil before working the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up muscle ‘knots’ or adhered tissues.This stimulates the lymphatic system,the body’s natural immune system, which carries away the toxins in the body.


Full body    1 full hour treatment          £40 ( includes consultation and diagnosis )

1and 1/2 hours                 £50


Ayurvedic yoga massage      £55    ( 1and 1/2 hours)                   

  • Back,neck and shoulders                (40 mins)          £35        
  • Massage targeting specific ares     (40 mins)          £35
  • for example neck pain, lower back ache, trapped nerves, stiff upper back, tension


Indian Head Massage:                  single treatment            £30      as add on    £10

Indian Head Massage is an extremely effective therapy evolved from traditional tecniques practised in India over thousands of years.
It involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp, with the client clothed, seated in an upright posistion.
tensions are eased and fibrous knots and nodules melt away!
It is a simple technique which can be practised anywhere.
 NEW!  facial rejuvenation massage               single treatment          £30
                                                                                  course of 3           £80
This is a wonderfully relaxing holistic treatment,  based on a mixture of Indian ayervedic and Japanese reflexology techniques.
The skin on the face is visibly refreshed, firmed and plumped up.
Use of acupressure points work on the whole body , making this a very enjoyable energising experience, as well as having an amazing noticeable effect!

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